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This assessment uses eight indicators—listed in the dashboard below—that have been shown to be directly linked to increased youth contraceptive use. Countries are classified into one of four color-coded categories to show how well they are performing for each indicator. We invite you to explore the dashboard by clicking on an indicator or country of your choice. This indicator assesses the extent to which a country addresses the two enabling environment elements of youth-friendly contraceptive service provision as outlined in the Adolescent-Friendly Contraceptive Services High-Impact Practices in Family Planning guide: build community support and address gender norms. For example, an International Planned Parenthood Federation study in El Salvador reports that laws requiring parental consent for minors to access medical treatment create a direct barrier for youth to access FP. Laws around consent to FP services are often unclear or contradictory. If a policy document mentions that youth are not subject to consent from one of the third parties—spouse or parent—but does not mention the other, the country is classified in the yellow category.

If enacted, this legal justification for parental consent would mean that youth will continue to face barriers at facilities when attempting to access the contraceptive services they desire. Kenya is placed in the gray category for parental or spousal consent. Explicit policy language directs providers to offer nondiscriminatory, unbiased care to adolescents based on medical eligibility criteria.

The guidelines specifically address the role of the provider to offer adolescent-friendly health services, including the provision of contraception, in a manner that respects the five quality of care characteristics.

The service providers should be non-judgmental and considerate in their dealings with adolescents and youth and deliver the services in the right way. Kenya is placed in the green category for Provider Authorization as policies direct providers to deliver nonjudgmental FP services.

The right to health services, including RH services, is recognized at the highest policy level in Kenya. The "Kenyan Constitution, " recognizes the right of all people to access RH care. Article 43: 1 Every person has the right— a to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care.

Article 6: 1 Every person has a right to reproductive health care which includes— a the right of men and women of reproductive age to be informed about, and to have access to reproductive health services including to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning services.

This strong declaration in favor of all people accessing health care sets the stage for equal access to health care services. Health staff should be aware that adolescents requesting contraceptives have a right to receive these services, regardless of age or marital status.

Kenya is placed in the green category for this indicator.

Kenya is placed in the green category for this indicator as the policy environment includes a clear provision for youth to access FP services regardless of marital status. Adolescents and youth in Kenya can access a full range of contraception under existing policies. Contraception counselling and provision of full range of contraceptive methods, including long-acting reversible methods. Adolescents and youth in need of contraceptive services can safely use any method, following the guidelines and MEC criteria accordingly.

Permanent methods, such as tubal ligation and vasectomy should be discouraged for adolescents and youth without children. Any adolescent and youth who requests emergency contraception should receive counseling on all methods of FP. Adolescents may be less tolerant of side effects. It is important to explain the possible side effects during FP counseling in order to reduce the likelihood of discontinuation and seek alternative methods if the side effects persist.

Therefore, Kenya is placed in the green category for this indicator. However, the remaining four essential CSE elements are not clearly addressed in the policy: scientifically accurate information, participatory teaching methods, youth advocacy and civic engagement, and connections to the informal sector. References to sexuality education are vague in the policy.

Schools shall equip students with adequate skills to avoid situations that would lead to teenage pregnancy, rape and sodomy. All children, including those with special needs and disability, shall be protected from sexual violence and abuse.

Students shall be taught and instilled with skills to avoid health risks, including rape. Students shall be taught about the consequences of involving themselves in sexual activities as these may lead to pregnancy, disease, infertility etc. Age-Appropriate Comprehensive Sexuality Education is an age-appropriate, culturally relevant approach to teaching about sexuality and relationships by providing scientifically accurate, realistic and non-judgmental information. Included in this framework are components such as life skills education on decisionmaking, negotiation, self-assurance, and communication, as well as an emphasis on school discussions surrounding the topic of sexual assault.

None of these guidelines, however, cover all nine essential components of CSE. The policy environment surrounding CSE in Kenya is considered promising but incomplete, and the country has been placed in the yellow category. The guidelines explicitly address the high cost of services as a barrier to youth seeking FP services.

All adolescents and youth should be able to receive health services free of charge or are able to afford any charges that might be in place. Training of service providers should address service provider attitudes and beliefs, and improve provider knowledge of normal adolescent development and special characteristics of adolescent clients and skills—both clinical and counselling.

The guidelines for health provider training further reference offering nonjudgmental and private contraceptive services. Health service providers should receive both pre- and in-service training on but not limited to. Since the policy environment addresses the three core elements of YF service provision as outlined in the HIPs recommendations, Kenya is placed in the green category.

FP coordinators to support adolescents and youth to promote FP among peers. Promote education of parents and the community on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of adolescents. Mainstream gender and address its concerns in all ASRH programs. Gender inequities and differences that characterize the social, cultural and economic lives of the young people influence their health and development.

Thus, adolescents and youth friendly reproductive and sexual health services must promote gender equality. All three policies seek to create an enabling social environment for youth FP, placing Kenya in the green category for this indicator.

Madagascar is placed in the gray category for this indicator because its policies do not explicitly support youth access to FP services without consent from parents and spouses.

Madagascar is therefore placed in the gray category. Tous les individus sont égaux en droit et en dignité en matière de santé de la reproduction. Chaque individu sans discrimination, peut mener une vie sexuelle responsable et sans risque. Le droit à la Santé de la Reproduction et à la Planification Familiale est un droit fondamental. Madagascar is placed in the green category for this indicator as the law supports youth access to FP services regardless of age. The law also states that young people and adolescents can access reproductive healthcare regardless of marital status.

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Madagascar is placed in the green category because the policy environment confirms that youth must be permitted access to FP services regardless of marital status. Priorité 2: Créer la demande auprès de la population, surtout les jeunes, à travers des informations correctes et appropriées sur les méthodes modernes de PF et des points de services.

Therefore, Madagascar is placed in the green category. Thus, it is unclear whether the policy intends for EC to be accessible to youth.


Les jeunes représentent une population vulnérable avec des besoins souvent insatisfaits en raison des barrières culturelles et institutionnelles. The "Plan Stratégique" also lists integration of a CSE program into the public and private school curriculum as a key output. The "Plan" identifies an activity for the next draft of the Malagasy curriculum as the introduction of education on adolescent reproductive health.

Therefore, Madagascar is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. The "Plan Stratégique National en Santé de la Reproduction des Adolescents et des Jeunes, " outlines activities to reinforce the competencies of service providers, including training service providers on youth-friendly services. The "Plan Stratégique " also details the recipients of training activities on adolescent health, including providers, managerial staff, and referral staff.

As reviewed policies address training and supporting providers and enforcing confidentiality but do not sufficiently address the cost of services, Madagascar is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. Article 16: Les personnes du genre masculin ont le devoir de protéger le droit des femmes à la sante sexuelle et reproductive de ces dernières, notamment leur accès aux services et le respect de leur choix sur la procréation.

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The "Plan Stratégique National en Santé de la Reproduction des Adolescents et des Jeunes, " outlines community dialogues as a priority intervention. The "Plan Stratégique" provides further clarity in detailed strategic communication activities to enable support toward youth access to RH services.

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The "Plan Stratégique" includes other activities to target traditional and religious leaders and others influential in the community to build their capacity to defend adolescent and youth reproductive health.

Les parents ont assurément une place importante à assurer auprès des jeunes et notamment des jeunes filles dans leur éducation à la notion de genre et à la santé reproductive. Cependant, parler de ces sujets et notamment de la santé reproductive reste tabou dans certaines familles malgaches, et plus particulièrement dans les zones défavorisées. The proposed activities include an information campaign to bridge religious and cultural gaps toward acceptance and use of family planning but fail to specifically address youth access.

Des efforts particuliers pour la création de la demande vont être faits pour les hommes et les jeunes. Les hommes partagent autant de responsabilités que les femmes dans la santé de la reproduction.

Elles insisteront sur les dangers des grossesses précoces et sur les bienfaits de la contraception. Article Le mari est le chef de famille. Due to conflicting policy documents surrounding spousal consent, Mali is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. The discrepancy in the policies adds a barrier to youth attempting to access family planning without parental and spousal consent.

To improve the policy environment, policymakers should include specific provisions for youth to access FP services without consent from a parent or spouse.

No law or policy exists that requires providers to authorize medically advised youth FP services without personal bias or discrimination. Mali is placed in the gray category for this indicator. Les contraceptifs sont distribués sans distinction à toutes les femmes mariées ou non-mariées. These policies support youth access to contraception, including LARCs, regardless of age. Therefore, Mali is placed in the green category for this indicator.

Thus, it is not clear whether the policy intends for EC to be accessible to youth. Objective: To increase the number of adolescents and young adults trained and sensitized in sexual and reproductive health who adopt positive behaviors within the community.

However, this is not described as a component of a CSE program. Mali is placed in the yellow category because its policy environment supports the provision of sexuality education, but it does not describe the components that should be included in a CSE program.

As of March , this policy document could not be located for review. The plan also acknowledges that training activities will be done to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by youth.

Des efforts programmatiques vont aussi être faits pour que des prestations et actes de PF deviennent accessibles financièrement pour tous. Un mécanisme de suivi de la déclaration du Président de la République concernant la gratuité des contraceptifs va être mis en place.

Mali is placed in the green category because its policies adequately address all three adolescent-friendly service-delivery elements.

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Priorité 1: Créer la demande auprès des populations, notamment chez les jeunes, les adolescents, les femmes et les hommes, y compris en contexte humanitaire, en développant un partenariat stratégique avec les élus locaux, les leaders communautaires et religieux.

Priority actions within the strategic priority to create demand include the need to strengthen the commitment of community members—including elected officials and religious and community leaders—to support family planning and spread awareness and build support for it within the broader community through dialogue and action.

The plan also details a male engagement strategy focused on building male FP champions through peer learning and education groups. Finally, the plan aims to strengthen the decisionmaking power of women, adolescent girls, and young women in the choice and use of family planning, as well as mobilize adolescents and young people through appropriate communication.

However, no law or policy exists that prohibits parental or spousal consent for youth access to FP services. Mauritania is placed in the gray category for this indicator. However, no law or policy exists explicitly stating that providers must avoid discrimination or bias toward youth. Tous les individus, y compris les adolescents et les enfants, tous les couples sont égaux en droit et en dignité en matière de santé de la reproduction.

Le droit à la santé de la reproduction est un droit universel fondamental garanti à tout être humain, tout au long de sa vie. While the law guarantees information and education on all methods of birth spacing, it does not guarantee youth access to a range of contraceptive methods, including LARCs. Future updates to the document should align with the WHO medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use.

Plusieurs études ont démontré que les méthodes contraceptives de longue durée sont plus efficaces que celles de courte durée. Despite the two recent documents that take a more favorable approach to method choice for youth, the policy environment does not consistently guarantee access to a full range of methods for youth.

Mauritania is placed in the red category for this indicator. Ils doivent en outre traiter des questions sociales qui entourent la sexualité et la procréation, notamment les normes sociales, la vie de famille et les relations humaines.

Les enseignants expérimentés seront formés pour être des formateurs. Ces groupes de formateurs animeront des sessions de formation des enseignants au cours plusieurs sessions par an. Des dépliants comportant les messages essentiels seront élaborés pour les élèves.

Mauritania is placed in the yellow category. It addresses training providers on specific communication techniques with youth and offering youth certain FP methods condoms, pills, and EC. Plaidoyer auprès des décideurs pour la gratuité des services de PF en particulier chez les adolescents et les jeunes de à Au cours des activités de journées spéciales de PF, les méthodes modernes de PF sont offertes gratuitement et les clientes sont souvent nombreuses, dépassant les objectifs fixés par les services de santé et autres prestataires.

Ce plaidoyer sera renforcé pour la gratuité de la PF pour les adolescentes et les jeunes qui sont davantage concernées par les barrières financières.

Plaidoyer auprès des leaders politiques, religieux, traditionnels pour la promotion de la SR des A et J. However, detail is not provided beyond that action. The constructive engagement approach looks to build FP champions through training. Mauritania is placed in the yellow category for this indicator.

None of the policy documents reviewed for Niger include language addressing parental or spousal consent. The lack of policy language supporting youth access to FP services without these authorizations creates a potential barrier for youth in Niger interested in accessing contraception.

To improve the policy environment, policymakers should consider including specific provisions for youth to access FP services without consent from a parent or spouse. Niger is placed in the gray category for this indicator. Nigerien law recognizes the rights of all people to receive SRH care broadly.

Article 2 - Caractère universel du droit à la santé de la reproduction. However, the Plan does not offer any further details. This emphasis on legally married couples stands in contrast to the rest of the law, which extends reproductive rights, including FP, to all individuals. To address this discrepancy, the government should clarify policy language supporting access to FP services by married and unmarried couples and individuals, including youth.

Furthermore, the government should provide specific policy language regarding its adolescent and youth SRH vision, and particularly the right of young unmarried women to access and use contraceptive methods.

Niger is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. Recognizing the need for FP education demonstrates a level of policy commitment on this issue.

However, the policy fails to include specific guidelines on the content of the material and how the lessons should be instructed, nor coverage for young people outside of this specific course. Le MSP va travailler à préparer les adolescents et jeunes à la parenté responsable. Il formera les adolescents et jeunes à travers les canaux propices mise à échelle de la formation sur les curricula en milieu scolaire, etc.

The operational plan offers more details about program approach compared to the action plan. Examples of such details include a focus on preparing adolescents and youth for responsible parenting and a mention of implementation of activities in settings outside of schools villages, youth promotion centers, youth training centers, etc.

However, the operational plan lacks content specificity and directives for instruction. Given this omission and limited details, Niger is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. Il renforcera davantage les capacités des prestataires en approche jeunes à tous les niveaux pour offrir aux jeunes et aux adolescents, des services de planification familiale et des soins de santé de la reproduction de qualité. Multiple news sources reference a law that guarantees free access to contraceptive methods to all women in all public facilities.

In the absence of a review of the policy document, it is unclear whether youth are identified as beneficiaries. Because the policies do not adequately cover all three of the service-delivery elements of youth-friendly FP services, Niger is placed in the yellow category for this indicator. Renforcer la communication à travers le marketing social et le partenariat avec les leaders religieux et traditionnels, les élus locaux, les ONG et associations, les groupements féminins et les jeunes chaque année dans les huit régions du pays.

However, no further details exist regarding the purpose of the communication materials or activities within the intervention. It is unclear if the activity will contribute to building community support for youth access to FP services. Vous obtenez une photo parfaite. Codes Promo Services Forum. Vidéos Actualités Tests Astuces Telecharger. Afficher les sections Afficher le menu.

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En effet, les modèles de code étaient petits et génériques et les scénarios implémentant les analyses exigées étaient complexes. En , les scripts sont devenus capables de créer des nouveaux fragments de code pouvant être stockés dans des métas variables et hérités selon des règles de sous-suite. La plupart des patchs de correction de ces bugs ont été soumis aux développeurs OpenSSL et tous ces patchs correctifs ont été acceptés.

Ils ont obtenu 48 fautes avec Android 2.

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